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You want a brand that exemplifies the soul of your business. But you don’t have the marketing budget to work with a large agency, either. (Or, perhaps the time.)

That’s where I come in. I have over 19 years of professional design experience. Since 2011 have worked directly with my own clients, one-on-one, efficiently and creatively bringing brands to life.

My approach is holistic: You will get a brand, not just a logo.

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"from mere ideas…"

"Liina's creative designs brought the brand of our company from mere ideas tossed around in meetings to unique illustrations which set us apart from any other honey producer in the market! Great work, on time and reliable!"

Dustin Vanasse, Principal, Bare Honey

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The fun of experiencing your design

Last weekend was the Women Run the Cities, which I've been designing materials, t-shirts, ads, and a billboard for — for the past five years. Every year it's fun to experience the race. As the designer of the shirt, especially, it's fun to see them on actual bodies...

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Useful Nostalgia

This made me smile — The Obsolete but Neat Laptop Case. Technology gets old so fast, shouldn't we pay tribute to those things we once gave our full admiration to? I think so. Someday there will be an iPhone screen printed on a canvas tote, and we'll all smile and...

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Almond Puff Pastry, anyone?

Food is love. We all know someone who bakes or cooks with such passion and skill that every morsel they make is filled with that energy and love. For one of my best friends, that was her mother. I did this painting for that friend's birthday recently in dedication to...

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Mug Shot

Sometimes the smallest things can make your day. My husband and I went on a mini-adventure to Stillwater yesterday. There is an awesome kitchen store there, called The Chef's Gallery. It is huge. I love kitchen stores anyway, but this one has a unique, cozy feel while...

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Make me up, before we go-go…

My good friend, Holly, is a fantastic makeup artist. She has years of experience in professional makeup application, and a true love for her field. She is an artist, and like all artists, has a keen eye for detail. She notices everything. I have to admit, I often...

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