Modern Survey’s tools help companies survey employees and customers across the globe, with the goal of improving the way they manage their companies and people. I was actually shocked by the way the competition spoke about managing employees like you would a product, or… a herd of sheep. The theme of our redesign was an effort to be the antidote to that impersonal, data-driven mindset. To rise above the competition in human resource management, we (myself and the Azul 7 team) developed a more people-focused theme. After all, managing a company always comes down to the fact that they’re made of unique individuals — not just “human capital”.

Of course, data crunching is something they do very well, so the site still needed to feel useful, efficient, and air-tight. The references on the homepage to personalities and quirks also have a purpose in guiding the users to find out more about the tools Modern Survey provides.

I also had the pleasure of art directing the leadership photography with a talented local photographer, T.C. Worley. If you look at his site you’ll see a lot of active outdoors types of stuff, and I think his take on corporate photography is exactly what we needed.  Corporate photos are usually kind of stiff and less “real”. We wanted the team at Modern Survey to come across as the smart, hip people that they are. See the photos here.

One of the things in website design that I always strive to accomplish is giving users more than one way to navigate to the same information. There are those types who are more visual, and those who just want facts. This site does both — and hopefully, it will also make people smile.

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