My good friend, Holly, is a fantastic makeup artist. She has years of experience in professional makeup application, and a true love for her field. She is an artist, and like all artists, has a keen eye for detail. She notices everything. I have to admit, I often wonder if she’s analyzing my makeup application (or lack of) when I see her. She probably is, because she just can’t help it.

Holly was the first friend to have me try a face mask, and to give me little tips like “Don’t use your forefinger to put makeup under your eyes, use your ring finger…” (because it’s gentler). Things like that, which I’d never really given thought to.

Last year, she generously offered to do my makeup for my wedding. She came in with her large case of goodies, and I felt like a movie star. I had given her free reign to do what she pleased. She somehow managed to apply eye makeup that didn’t smear or smudge throughout the day, even through many happy tears. She did an absolutely perfect job. It just goes to show — when people are experts in their craft, trust them and let them do what they love — and do so well.

Now Holly is taking a step forward in her career and looking to expand her services to work with professional photographers. I had the fun job of putting together a few of Holly’s photos for a marketing PDF she’s sending out. If you want to contact Holly, let me know and I can connect you.

She’s so good, I wish I could keep her in my makeup bag.

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