A savvy new publishing company

This client has what I love: A truly unique and distinct position in the market. What Keen Editions offers is editing and publishing help for authors who want to get published. Especially an author who doesn’t want the hassle and potential confusion of self-publishing, or the extreme cost (and not always quality work) of a large publishing company.

In short, Keen Editions helps authors navigate their way to being published. They can even provide a cost-effective, high quality paperback printing solution.

The logo

Because Keen Editions is agile, the logo had to feel light on its feet. It’s not a traditional publishing company. When you work with Keen Editions, there is nothing but forward movement and progress. But it’s thoughtful, too. The lowercase letters have an approachable, up-to-date feel. The blue feels fresh and clean.

The symbol is derived from an open book, and inspired by this feeling of movement. It’s almost like a bird.

I also created a version of the symbol that is contained within a circle for independent uses, such as on a book spine:

The website

Websites don’t have to be big to have impact. The Keen Editions website is only two pages. The main goals are: to help people understand where they sit in the marketplace, what is offered, and who to contact. Since it’s all about books, I felt the homepage should reflect that with a bookish feel. The clean, modern logo is contrasted by the more traditional serif typeface. The overall mood is welcoming, smart, and established.

Nice things people say

I admit. I love to please. So when I hear nice things, I get warm fuzzies that keep my creative engines fired up. Here are a few things said about Keen Editions’ new look:

“Thank you again for capturing my essential self and message so exquisitely! Many called it beautiful.”
Ann K. Ryan, publisher and editor at Keen Editions

Said to Ann by others:

“It is  welcoming, professional and intriguing—just like you!”

“It makes me want to write a book published by you!”

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Keen Editions

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