Connect. Tell your story.

Businesses are born out of good ideas, and always come with stories. Aspirational ones, funny ones, and even just ordinary ones.

The reason this connects is simple: A story gives a less-than-human product (or a seemingly “dry” service) real, human emotion. And as humans, we love stories. We want to be transported. Getting that ‘feel-good’ vibe from the products we choose in our lives makes life that much sweeter.

This card with the story behind the Papyrus hummingbird logo came in a box of cards.

From a branding perspective, a story like the one Papyrus created actually elevates the value of the brand. It gives it a thoughtful, high-end feel. It helps your customers understand your true vision, and often helps you gain respect.

When information is communicated in story form, we seem to remember it better and be affected by it more deeply. Brands are telling these stories across a number of different mediums–from packaging to video to visual and verbal content.

From the Fast Company article: For Brands, 2012 Is The Year Of The Story. So Who’s Telling It Best?

A story doesn’t have to be long.

(Papyrus got a little long-winded, but I still like it.) And telling your story can be done in many different ways:

  • The obvious: Include a small card or hang-tag with your merchandise (as shown by Papyrus)
  • Online: Give people a bit more personal insight into how your business started, and why you have a personal connection to what you do for a living
  • Brochures: Include a bio or company history blurb on your informational brochure
  • Logo: Is there a story behind your logo? A special symbolism of color or symbol? Share it.
  • Share your customer’s stories: Maybe you’d rather focus outward. Gather stories of loyal customers who share your vision, and share those on your blog.
  • Create a video you can share with customers

My client Bare Honey did a nice job of sharing their story illustrated with high-quality photography.





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