Visuals tell stories about your brand.

Make sure they say what you mean.


Our brains are wired to desire what I like to call “happy chemicals”.

We are drawn to visuals, including brands, because of how they speak to us on a subconscious level.


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  • Lettering
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Hi there.

I’m Liina, owner and creative director of Liina & Co.

I attribute my love for design and my drive to get-it-done to being raised by an artist-mom and a railroad equipment operator-dad.

Be creative. Work hard. Get it done.

I was born and raised in a small, hardworking mining town in northern Minnesota. After getting my BFA with concentration in Graphic Design next door in the dairy state of Wisconsin I made my new home in Minneapolis. I love this city filled with bikes, dogs, restaurants and a gazillion likeminded creative entrepreneurs following their passions.

I have 19 years of professional design experience in everything graphic design related. Since 2011 I’ve enjoyed partnering directly with my clients. I have the ability to find the heart and soul of a brand, while breaking down the branding process into an easy-to-grasp flow.

Whether it’s a totally new brand or a brand update, I’d love to help you.

So, who’s the “co?”

I do my most creative and most efficient work on my own. Creating in a quiet, peaceful environment is what makes me happiest. However, when more brains or hands are needed, I hire the right help. I have a select handful of other independent web developers, writers, and marketing strategists that are experts in their field that I work with when needed.

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“The details are not the details.
They make the design.”

— Charles Eames (1907–1978)

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Dylan Days

Having grown up  not only in Bob Dylan's hometown, but with a talented artist, singer and musician as my mother, I have been raised on Dylan music (and lots of music in general). This morning on the phone my mom told me about the Dylan Days Art Exhibition coming up...

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Cross-Linking is Essential

Where is everybody? It's not news to you that everybody is on Facebook. The statistics on Facebook use are astounding. If you're starting up a new business, I always recommend getting a Facebook "Fan Page" before anything else. Once you've established a personal...

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