It’s not necessarily a step that seems crucial.

After all, you have a business plan, right?

You probably have some examples of certain brands and logos you like, right?

So why bother taking this step?

Lots of reasons.

Here’s the short list:

  1. Nobody can see inside your head.
  2. What you mean by tomato can be interpreted as tah-ma-toe.
  3. It forces you to look outside your head.
  4. Your designer is going to understand visuals better than words.
  5. It will inspire you (or re-inspire you)!

…and to elaborate a bit.

Nobody can see inside your head.

That vision you have, that totally original way of doing business, or product that is better than anything out there— it’s not enough.

And nobody will understand the impact that you know it can have better than you will.

I liken it to being pregnant.

Yeah, I’m going there.

When you are carrying around a fantastic idea that excites you, and you just know it’s big— I believe you. But nobody else will bring it to life like you will. It’s going to take time. It’s going to take work.

And you feel it inside, you have to carry it and speak for it until it can speak for itself.

did you say “to-mah-toe,” or…

I’ve used vision boards with my clients for a few years.

It never fails, I’m surprised to see what they like.

Or something they have referred to as “modern” that I might refer to as something else.

The language of visuals isn’t simple, it is nuanced.

looking up, and out.

Being hyper-focused on your project or startup company is great.

But it can also lead to not taking the time to look around.

What are other people doing in similar areas of your industry? What you see might surprise you.

And push you.

You see, when we look up and look around we start to see things in ways we hadn’t before

An example: I had a client pull together a vision board for her startup confectionary project. Initially she said she liked minimalist design. When she began looking around, she saw that minimalist design is such a hot trend that it has become virtually meaningless.

Me like pictures.

Ok. I’m not saying designers can’t read.

I love words. I write quite a bit.

But to be totally honest, I will understand what you’re describing to me a lot faster if you draw me diagram or even use your hands a lot when you’re talking to me.

It’s just how we’re built, designers.

I get visions of things as people talk. And I get even better visions when I see ideas being described.

So it’s more efficient AND more inspiring for me to see what you like, who your audience is, what colors speak to you, etc.

inspiration, reborn!

It may still be inspiring to you, talking about and working on your business vision.

But after you’ve been at it awhile, it’s just not.

It becomes work.

I know, I have had to find ways to get re-inspired on a weekly, sometimes daily basis for both my fitness coaching and design businesses.

Staying inspired takes work.

But one of the things that always gets my creative juices flowing again is looking at possibilities.

Seeing a vision board come together is like seeing that flicker of light at the end of the tunnel again.

That little flicker that started this whole thing for you!

So, if you haven’t yet— get going.

Start your vision board, or email me if you have any questions.

I love this stuff.

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