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You want a brand that exemplifies the soul of your business. But you don’t have the marketing budget to work with a large agency, either. (Or, perhaps the time.)

That’s where I come in. I have over 19 years of professional design experience. Since 2011 have worked directly with my own clients, one-on-one, efficiently and creatively bringing brands to life.

My approach is holistic: You will get a brand, not just a logo.

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"from mere ideas…"

"Liina's creative designs brought the brand of our company from mere ideas tossed around in meetings to unique illustrations which set us apart from any other honey producer in the market! Great work, on time and reliable!"

Dustin Vanasse, Principal, Bare Honey

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Read a little bit more about where we came from, our design philosophy, and how we work.

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5 Tips for Small Brands

I love entrepreneurs. I get them. (Because I am one.) And I work with a lot of them. Small or big, new or old. Brands are my world. I became an independent graphic designer over five years ago after a decade of being 'behind the scenes' at a couple agencies. Since...

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The Power of Design

A friend of mine once described the feeling you get when you're shopping and you see something you like. "It gives you those… happy chemicals! You know?"     Yeah. I do. I'm no scientist, but I'm sure I could dig up some facts to support this statement. And it's...

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Green + the Grain

Local + Organic on Wheels Designing the logo for Green + the Grain was a delight. A pretty dedicated consumer of fresh, organic food myself, it makes my job pretty darn fun when a project is right in line with my own lifestyle. I worked with one of the owners, and her...

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Every brand needs a story.

Connect. Tell your story. Businesses are born out of good ideas, and always come with stories. Aspirational ones, funny ones, and even just ordinary ones. The reason this connects is simple: A story gives a less-than-human product (or a seemingly "dry" service) real,...

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A little Minnesota State Fair magic

There is something undeniably magical about the Minnesota State Fair. My first time at the fair was when I was 14, and then I missed a bunch of years until I began working in Minneapolis after college. Each year the fair is exactly the same, yet somehow the experience...

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